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What is a Slam Lock?

Slam Lock

These type of locks will lock automatically. You will generally have a bar handle; finger pull or door knob.

The lock will automatically trigger and the deadlock can be engaged with either a key or thumb turn (internally)

AV2 – the door locks once the door is slammed shut.

AV3 – Magnetic triggers activate the two hooks and two sealing elements that ensure the correct closure. Option of a daytime release.

Heritage – The lock automatically engages as above but the lock position is aesthetically correct for a traditional position.

What is a slam lock? Slam lock explained
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1 Comment

Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson
May 21

A friend recommended the Locksmith Toronto company, and they did not disappoint. The technician was courteous and took the time to answer all my questions about the slam lock. The installation was done professionally, and I feel much safer in my home now.

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