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Cement Board Cladding

James Hardie Cladding

AJ Windows and Doors offer two types of James Hardie Cladding 


  1. Hardie Plank fibre cement cladding

  2. Hardie VL Plank fibre cement cladding


So, what’s the difference I hear you ask?


Hardie Plank overlap each other and have a visible surface area of between 150-180mm.



The product comes in 21 colours with an option of two textures, Cedar and Smooth.



The VL Plank is wider with a visible surface area of 182mm and designed with an interlocking system (tongue and groove). This enable the fixings to be hidden and easier installation. 


Both profiles are Non-combustible, offering a fire rating A2, s1 d0. 



Both types of boards can be fitted in a variety of ways.


  • Vertical hit and miss (Hardie Plank)

  • Horizontal Overlap (Hardie Plank)

  • Horizontal (VL Plank)

  • Vertical (VL Plank)

Hardie VL Plank fibre Cement Cladding

Hardie Plank fibre Cement Cladding

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