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  • Cleaning your glass

  • Keep all moving parts moving 

  • Take care of your locks

  • Clean your Bi Fold tracks

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Cleaning your glass

Clean your glass:

If you search the internet you can find various articles regarding the best way to clean your glass.

Vinegar and Water?

According to old wives tales this is the best way to clean your glass. Who am I to argue?

Whilst solution of water and vinegar will be effective (plus a bit of energy) there are certainly other options available.

Soap and water is another go to method, one drawback of this method is that you can be left with smears from any left-over residue.

Over the counter products. Revolution products or expensive gimmicks? Unfortunately, the only way to find out is to try them…… more to come on this one.

WARNING – remember not to use any harsh products, blades or scouring pads that could damage your frames/window furniture/moving window parts or rubbers.

As with all jobs the right tools are imperative – personally that would be a micro cloth. I find kitchen roll leaves particles behind. Grandma would be a fan of newspaper

What’s you preferred method?

Don't forget the frames 

Maintain and clean your frames. Using a mild detergent suitable for your window/door type. Do not be tempted to use any harsh, abrasive products. Whilst cleaning the frames check for any possible defects.

Keep things moving

Lubricate Casement windows – hinges

Lubricate all pivot/moving points with oil and

wipe away the excess.

Lubricate your locks

Maintaining your window and doors locks is a key way to prolong the longevity of your product, this can also void your warranty if you fail to do so.

Keep the locking mechanism dust free. Grab some oil and lightly cover both the lock and the key. Insert/remove the key into the lock a few times to coat the internal mechanism. This should ensure smooth operation for years to come (recommended at least once a year)

Clean your tracks - Bi Fold

To ensure that your Bifold and Sliding doors continue to move effortlessly it is important to clean out the bottom track.

Grab your vacuum cleaner and remove and any loose debris. Perhaps grab an old toothbrush to loosen any dirt that is stuck in the crevasses.

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