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How to care for my Composite Door

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From Day One

Locking hooks should be engaged by lifting the handle or turning the key whenever the door is closed.


For the first 8 weeks Any radiators that are located close to the door should be turned down.


Every Month

Wipe down the door with a damp, lint-free cloth using only mild warm soapy water. Never use any harsh chemicals or solvents – these could damage the door.

To keep your furniture looking its best, use no harsh, normal furniture polish.

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Solidor Composite Door.jpeg

Every Six Months

Open the door and place an old sheet underneath it. Lubricate all the moving parts with silicone spray, apart from the locking cylinder.

To maintain the smooth operation of your locking cylinder, lubricate your cylinder using graphite powder. Move the key backwards and forward within the lock 10 – 15 times.


Keep your drainage holes clear from blockage by pouring water into the drainage holes within the threshold of the door.  This will allow then to remain free flowing.

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