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What are the key benefits of uPVC windows?

The top benefits

  1. Security - Peace of mind that your windows are secure. With reinforced frames, double glazing and combination locking systems they offer a reliable layer of security.

  2. Low Maintenance - Not totally maintenance free but pretty much as hassle free as possible. No painting and easily cleaned.

  3. Ventilation - The majority of windows are now required to have trickle vents fitted as standard.

  4. Insulation - Reduced heat loss

  5. Durability/weather resistant - Resistance against wind, rain and all other elements.

  6. Eco-Friendly - We now recycle most of the window parts we remove. The rest is responsibly disposed of by a licenced waste company

  7. Soundproofing - keep the noise both in and out

  8. Completely bespoke - Made to measure for your property’s requirements.

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