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Conservatories and Planning Permission

Conservatories fall under the same planning rules as any other extension to your home

Permitted development’ allows for certain developments to be undertaken without

planning permission. These developments must fall within certain requirements. If you wish to go beyond the requirements, you will require planning permission.

(The rules are different for properties on designated land)

·The Conservatory must not exceed 50% of the land around the original house (or how it stood on the 1st July 1948) – this calculation must include any sheds or outbuildings.

The Conservatory can not be forward of the original principle or side elevation of the house or highway fronting to fall under permitted development.

Side conservatories must not exceed 50% of the original house and be no higher than four metres.

·To be covered by permitted development any conservatory within two metres of a boundary must not be higher than 3 metres.

·For a detached house any rear conservatories must not exceed more than four metres of the original property, for any other residential property it is 3 metres

Where the property is not in designated land (Article 2(3))* or a Site of Special Scientific Interest, this limit is increased to eight metres if a detached house; or six metres for any other house.

These increased limits are subject to the neighbour consultation scheme. This requires that the relevant Local Planning Authority is informed of the proposed work via a prior approval application.

Permitted developments only apply to houses (bungalows) not flats, maisonettes or other buildings

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