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Looking for a new front / entrance door?

There are many deciding factors when purchasing a new front door for your home.

What material door do you want? What budget have you set? How long do you want the door to last?

At AJ windows and doors we cater to all concerned when making the decision on your brand new entrance door.

What's your options?


Probably the cheapest option. There are lots of designs and colours available and are very popular especially as a back door option.

A variety of options can be used from flat panels to decorative panels. Shown above is a Kommerling Rosewood door with two flat panels to the bottom.

Timber core Composite Doors

These types of Composite doors are now very popular. There are several companies manufacturing timber core composite doors which give a massive variety of styles.

Timber core basically says what it is on the tin, a solid timber core with a thermo plastic skin.

AJ Windows and Doors have been supplying and installing Solidor for the past 15 years and more recently have started offering the Endurance range. This gives our customers lots of chose – some say too many!

Timber Doors

Another option is to go for real timber. This way you can get a bespoke door specifically to your requirements.

Call us today for a free no obligation quote - 01304 619907

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