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Popular window styles

Side openers and Top openers (and a mixture of both) Casement windows

This are pretty self explanatory - one opens at the side the other from the top. They open outwards

Tilt n Turn

This windows have a single handle, but have two opening options. The window tilts inwards to allow ventilation through the top of the window, whilst also giving the option of an inward opening window - great if you have limited outside space. This also enables easy cleaning.

Vertical sliders/Sash

These windows can open from the top and bottom - either both panels slide up and down or open panel can be fixed.

French Windows

Much the same as French Doors this style enables the entire window to be opened with a floating Mullion. So you can have two side opening windows without a divide in the middle - these are particularly useful when ensuring you have an adequate means of escape.

Sidelights/ top-lights

Sidelights normally found either one side or both sides of a door and a top light can be above. This can be fixed or have openers (or a combination of both)

Sliding windows

The same principle as a set of patio doors but in a smaller form

Bay windows

Comes out from the main walls of the building with brickwork down to the floor

Bow Windows

Same as Bay but without the brickwork to the floor

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