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Window Types

Popular window styles

There are several different window profiles/styles. Here are the main types

Side openers and Top openers (and a mixture of both) Casement windows

These are probably the most common type of windows and seen most frequently.

Tilt N Turn

These windows can be opened two ways. Firstly, as a side opening window and secondly allowing a top opening - both inwards opening

Vertical sliders/Sash

These windows can slide into each other.

French Windows

Much the same as French Doors this style enables the entire window to be opened with a floating Mullion. So, you can have two side opening windows without a divide in the middle - these are particularly useful when ensuring you have an adequate means of escape.

Sidelights/ top-lights Windows

Sidelights normally found either one side or both sides of a door and a top light can be above. This can be fixed or have openers (or a combination of both)

Bay windows

Comes out from the main walls of the building.

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